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Podiatric surgeons are unique, having dedicated their energy over many years in research, investigation and mastery of medical and surgical therapeutics of the foot and ankle. Innovations in the surgical management of foot and ankle conditions have been made through research and publications from podiatric surgeons from around the world. The ACPS places an important emphasis on research and this is an integral requirement of the training process. Members are encouraged to undertake research projects related to foot and ankle surgery. Registrars are required to publish two original research papers in peer-reviewed journals during their Fellowship training.

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ACPS Policies and Guidelines

Application for Affiliate Membership
Recognition of Prior Learning
Continuing Professional Development Participation
Pathways to Accreditation

Related Policies

National Health Amendment (Prostheses) Act 2005
Health Legislation Amendment (Podiatric Surgery & Other Matters) Bill 2004
NSW Day Procedure Centres Regulation 1996

Competency Standards

The competency standards for Members of the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgeons (ACPS) as specialist podiatric practitioners are built upon the core competencies for podiatrists as published by The Podiatry Board of Australia.

The ACPS standards also have been reviewed in light of the publication of competencies for Members of the ACPS as published on June 2012.

In addition to considering the above standards, these competencies the ACPS has considered competency standards published by organisations that define competency in other relevant specialist areas of health both in Australia and internationally such as:

The Training Program of the ACPS is designed to ensure that these ACPS competencies are met prior to a podiatrist beginning independent practice as a specialist podiatric surgeon in Australia.

Additionally, these standards provide Members of the ACPS with a framework for self-assessment of competence and they may also be used by external groups or individuals to assess the individual performance of Members of the ACPS against a national benchmark.

Please refer to the ACPS Fellowship Training Document for more information on ACPS Competency Standards.

Competency Standards

Published ACPS Research  

Please note that reports are not to be used, replicated or referred to in any research data or any other format without the prior consent of the College

Improving the Outcomes of Foot & Ankle Surgery, Developing an Audit Tool

Government Submissions

Pre MSAC Comment on ESC Review

Independent Reports

Access Ecomonics
Audit - South Perth Community Hospital
HBF ACPS Report 2011 to 2012
The Health Advocate - Pathways to Happy Feet Satisfaction with podiatric surgery by podiatric surgeons - November 2020

Audit Reports

Please note that these reports are not to be used, replicated or referred to in any research data or any other format without the prior consent of the College