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ACPS Governance Structure

The following flowchart provides an overview of the new ACPS governance structure:

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ACPS Council

Angelo Salerno

​Vice President
Omar Baarini

Ozan Amir

Saleh Mohammad

Haydar Ozcan


Graham Sanders

Reza Naraghi

ACPS Boards and Committees

Education Board

  • Mark Gilheany (Chair)

  • Julie Taranto (Member)

  • Adam Bird (Academic)

  • Lloyd Reed (Academic)

  • Robert Cox (Anaesthetist – Medical Specialist)

  • Damien Mitsch (Healthcare Organisation Executive Manager)

  • David Williams (Consumer Representative)

  • Steven Edwards (Registrar Representative)

Education Board Committee: Selection

  • Simon Smith (Chair)

  • Mark Gilheany (Chair, Curriculum and Training Committees)

  • Lee Gray (Member)

  • Paul Armanasco (Member)

  • Ozan Amir (Member)

  • Joel Gurr (External Member)

  • Adam Bird (External Member)

Resource Board

  • Ozan Amir (Treasurer, Chair)

  • Angelo Salerno (President)

  • Andrew Knox (Member)

  • Ray Scott (Accountant)

International Committee

  • Omar Baarini (Chair)

  • Nick Studdert (Member)

  • Jamie Weaver (Member)

  • Mathew Cicchero (Co-opted Member)

  • Genevieve Scott (Registrar Representative)

Education Board Committee: Curriculum

  • Mark Gilheany (Chair)

  • Angelo Salerno (Member)

  • Pete Manuel (Member)

  • Tristan Fairbairn (Registrar Representative)

  • Kristin Graham (External)

Education Board Committee: Training

  • Mark Gilheany (Chair)

  • Nick Ryan (Registrar Representative)

  • Damien Lafferty (Supervisor of Registrars)

  • Lee Gray (Member)

  • Haydar Ozcan (Member)

  • Anthony Colby (External Member)

CPD and Standards Board

  • Saleh Mohammad (Chair)

  • Angelo Salerno (President)

  • Mark Gilheany (Chair, Education Board)

  • Omar Baarini (Member)

  • Mina Azarian (Member)

  • Paul Armanasco (Member)

Appeals Committee

  • Andrew Saxton (External Member, Solicitor)

  • Joel Gurr (External Member)

  • Pat Trubiano (Assistant Secretary)

  • Bill Kutcher (Member)

Education Board Committee: Research

  • Rob Hermann (Chair, Member)

  • Andrew Kingsford (Chair, CPD Board)

  • Haydar Ozcan (nominee, Training Committee)

  • Simon Smith (invited by the President)

  • Hylton Menz (External Member)

Education Board Committee: Examination

  • Rob Hermann (Chair)

  • Matthew Cotchett (Education Officer)

  • Anthony Colby (External Member)

Clinical Audit Committee

  • Paul Aramansco (Chair, Member)

  • Kent Hungerford (Member)

  •  Rob Hermann (Member)

  • Hamid Ravinbod (Member)

  • Sandy Thomson (External Member)

Risk Management & Audit Committee

  • Vacancy (Chair, External financial representative)

  • Andrew Kingsford (Member)


ACPS Constitution

The ACPS Constitution can be found by contacting the office.