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Podiatric Surgical Training - Frequently asked questions

Podiatric surgeons in Australia are either fellowship trained by the ACPS or undertake postgraduate university-based training. AHPRA recognises both pathways for the purpose of specialist recognition as a podiatric surgeon.

The ACPS program recently received reaccreditation by AHPRA in May 2023. 

What is the process to commence Podiatric Surgery training with the ACPS?

The ACPS has defined key selection criteria for attaining admission to the Registrar Training Program. These can be found here

How long does it take to complete Podiatric surgical training and become a qualified Podiatric Surgeon in the ACPS?

The ACPS Training Program is a competency-based program designed to equip graduates to become highly trained and technically proficient Surgeons. Training can be expected to take around 6 years. It is not a medical degree, rather it is advanced training for a Podiatrist to be able to perform foot and ankle surgery.

Where does training for Podiatric Surgical Registrars take place?

Across a variety of clinical settings including hospitals, accredited day surgery facilities, interstate clinical rotations, local and international workshops and courses, and international Preceptorships.


Does the ACPS teach the entire scope of foot and ankle surgery?

Yes - the complete scope of elective and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery is a part of the ACPS curriculum. This is reinforced via targeted rotations to centres of excellence in all

the sub-speciality areas of foot and ankle surgery, as well as undertaking internationally-renowned skills courses throughout a scaffolded training program.


Is it usual for Surgeons to be training outside of a University?

Yes. Most surgical training programs in Australia are run by specialist colleges like the ACPS to ensure that appropriate and broad-based clinical exposure is gained. Universities play an important role in collaborating with specialist colleges. The ACPS already collaborates with a number of tertiary institutions on surgical research and undergraduate teaching.


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How is the ACPS program regulated?

Through The Australian Health Practitioner Agency (AHPRA), the Podiatry Board of Australia and the Podiatry Accreditation Committee as a subcommittee of the Board. The ACPS program through these mechanisms is assessed and monitored in exactly the same manner as University-based Podiatry education.

What is TEQSA and is it important for surgical training?

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is Australia's independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education. TEQSA is not involved in monitoring speciality colleges for the purpose of surgical training and is more relevant to university programs as opposed to specialist training programs

What is the AQF framework?

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulating qualifications in Australian education and training. This agency ensures that Universities offering qualifications are complying with a standardised level of education to award specific degrees. The AQF is not involved in monitoring specialty colleges for the purpose of surgical training. 

However, the recently adopted standard for the regulation of Podiatric Surgeons in Australia states that all surgical programs should be mapped against the AQF framework. Importantly the ACPS program must demonstrate through this mechanism that it is training Podiatric Surgeons not just to a historically consistent clinical excellence level but also to an academic level that is at least equivalent to AQF 9 to gain and hold accreditation.


Some Key Facts about the ACPS Training Program

  • The only Podiatric Surgery training program providing continuing education for over 40 years, operating as a not-for-profit body to advance the Specialist arm of our profession
  • Diverse educational exposure via an evidence-based curriculum with a diverse Faculty.
  • True immersement in Specialist practice through continuous engagement with Physicians, Specialist Anaesthetists and embedment in the hospital environment
  • Exposure to 2500-3000 procedures over the course of training to develop  technically proficient, competent and safe practitioners
  • The only Podiatric Surgical program in the country to have current and ongoing Accreditation
  • A truly National curriculum with Faculty and Registrars based all around the country
  • Exciting National and International collaborations
  • Flexible training options
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